Sustainability and efficiency

Sustainability and efficiency

Our company is committed to taking care of the environment, that's why we believe that the best way to do it is to use the latest developments in energy efficiency systems.

Thermal insulation
A good insulation is the key of the saving. We use the latest in windows and thermal insulation so you can always enjoy the comfort of your home.

Aerothermal and Geothermal
Geothermal energy is a renewable energy that takes advantage of the thermal energy existing in the terrestrial sub-soil.
Aerothermal energy is a renewable energy that takes advantage of the thermal energy in the air.

Both, geothermal and aerothermal energy, transfer thermal energy to the interior of the house to provide domestic heating (through radiating floor) and domestic hot water. These technologies work through a heat pump.

These technologies are very efficient and sustainable because they achieve very significant savings in household energy expenditure and reduce direct CO2 emissions compared to other systems based on fossil fuels such as gas or oil. Aerothermal or geothermal heat pumps are systems of high energy efficiency that can transform an electric power unit into 4 or more units of heating energy. The same heat pump could be used for an air conditioning system.

Radiating floor
It is the perfect complement for geothermal and aerothermal systems. It is an invisible and clean system. This system works with low temperatures to achieve a better energy performance. It gives a greater comfort by making the heat distribution more uniform throughout the house.
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